Who We Are


AYLIN | Founder + Director

Aylin started OneYoungTraveler merely as a travel blog to talk about the places she's lived and the countries she's seen. It soon became an ongoing conversation with readers about where to go, what to do and how to get to a new place! But she realized she wanted OYT to be more than that. She wanted OYT to about journeys that had purpose. The brand started with their first Passport Campaign and took the image into a whole new direction.

She grew up in Germany but her first language was Turkish. She lives for random wanders and a cup of Earl Grey tea. She is a web developer and visual creator who has a thing for making clean and minimal user-friendly designs.


JAMIL | Film Director + Photographer

Jamil has been a nomad all his life, living in 13 different homes, speaking three different languages (English, Turkish and German). Jamil’s love for photography and film all started when his best friend/older twin sister gave him an old, blocky camera in the seventh grade, and he never looked back. His first video consisted of a sky timelapse, a clip of him doing an ollie and an edit of him disappearing, all with Kid Cudi’s “The Prayer” playing in the background—so, basically no storyline whatsoever. Now, you’ll find him either writing/shooting his next short film/music video, watching movies, taking photos around the city or planning his next traveling adventure with his sister.
Full Metal Jacket, Wu-Tang Clan, his father’s childhood/military stories and döner kebabs—these are all things he can relate to.


PARIS | Community Outreach Coordinator

Paris is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and now resides in the mountains of Northern California and enjoying every moment of it! Her educational background includes studying Business Administration and Marketing at Florida A&M University. In 2014, She began to develop A Touch of Heart 501 (c)(3) and a world-wide mission to encourage and serve diverse communities across different nations. Over the past two years, She had the joy of partnering with various organizations and groups to serve throughout the U.S., Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Mozambique and next year in Brasil. She has a passion for serving others, as well as, encouraging everyone to dive into the discovery process of our purpose and true calling.
You are welcome to learn more about A Touch of Heart's mission and movements at www.atouchofheart.org