Our Efforts

Our Volunteer efforts were located in the Atlas Mountains, 1.5hr away from Marrakech. The Agriculture Project was designed for those volunteers who enjoyed the more physical aspect of volunteering and didn't mind getting their hands dirty. The focus of this project was to assist farmers in the rural villages of the Amazigh (Berber) community, in order to improve their farming outcome. We taught Basic English to the farmers that we are placed with (learned Amazigh and Arabic ourselves), helped clear village roads due to falling rocks from the mountain, tend to household chores, and spent quality time with the village children.

In our downtime we did various activities as a group in the city of Marrakech: quad biking in the desert, relaxed in the local hammams, shopped in the city souks, hiked up mountains in the Atlas Range, ate at local restaurants and socialized at Moroccan lounges. 



August 26 - September 3, 2017



Volunteer HQ + A Touch of Heart, Inc.


The Crew