We are giving everyone the opportunity to fundraise money to cover their own program cost through our CCOP Donately page! Take the steps below to setup your account. 


Step 1

Visit our Donately page and click the second button titled "Fundraise" to create your account.


Step 2

Fill out your information like the sample below. Our budget only includes your Program Cost. Type in "$660" (program fee + processing fee) for the amount to be fundraised. Make sure your drop-down for the campaign you choose is for "Cultural + Community Outreach Program". You can title your campaign name however you like but it needs to include your first name. A picture is not required but feel free to add one to personalize your page! Now you can click "Create your Fundraiser".


Start fundraising!

Now that your account is complete, save the link from your browser that you are given and include them in social media posts and emails to friends and family! Even if you do not reach your goal, whatever amount you fundraise will be applied to your payment.