Frequently Asked Questions 

All items are related to the CCO Program.
Some questions/answers are leveraged from Volunteer HQ.


Why did you choose Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) as a volunteer partner?

IVHQ was established to provide affordable, high quality and responsible volunteer programs for people wishing to volunteer abroad. The company is built on ten strong foundations – Affordability, Responsibility, Quality, Support, Safety, Friendship, Need, Loyalty, Experience and Enjoyment. We wanted to use a company that had a vast amount of opportunities and alumni to leverage past work as well as an affordable trip. While other expensive companies may only have two or three volunteers in each country at one time, due to the fact IVHQ has thousands of volunteers joining their programs annually, they can operate on a system of economies of scale, allowing them to keep fees low and the quality of their programs high.


Do I need certain skills before applying?

There will be no prerequisites to our programs (aside from orientation). For example, medical volunteer trips require certain skill sets or schooling before joining. We will keep our programs open for anyone to do.


What else do I need to purchase outside of the program cost?

You will need to obtain a medical travel insurance ($75 value), a criminal background check ($20), a visa (not applicable for U.S. citizens traveling to Morocco), and your flight. The values given are based off the services we will recommend to you once you apply. Vaccinations are not required for Morocco.


When do I need to apply?

As soon as you can! We recommend deposits be in by March - April 2017 to give you some time to purchase your flights (and not pay all your costs at once). Your final payment is due no later than 30 days before our trip. OneYoungTraveler will provide you a login to make your initial deposit with IVHQ. After that you will have access to our CCOP Member site and Volunteer HQ will provide more information on training and orientation.


Can I fundraise money to cover my trip?

Yes! OneYoungTraveler will provide you with our CCOP fundraiser link to earn money to cover all of your program costs!


Will the cost of the program fee change?

Potentially. But it will not cost more than what is stated! It will only go down. Once we reach our total 12 attendees, a 10% discount will be applied to your program fee.