Exploring Morocco: A Photographer's Paradise

Morocco had never been at the top of my list of places I wanted to see in the world, but last year I came upon an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. A month later, I was in the country and falling in love. From it's vibrant culture to the breathtaking architecture, I had come to find a place that I appreciated. Being a photographer, I long to see new sights and capture inescapable moments and people along the way... but for me, this trip was different.

When visiting certain countries, I try my hardest not to exploit the citizens, using their daily lives for my gain and I could tell that in certain smaller towns in Morocco, people didn't want to be photographed. That was something I aimed to respect throughout the trip. 

Morocco is a photographer's paradise and I've rounded up some must-see cities when you visit the country. 



Sahara Desert


This article was originally published by Sienna Brown for Las Morenas de España