is a different kind of travel group

We’re a community of like-minded adventurers, passionate about supporting, promoting and sharing the joy of travel among millennials through social good.

What makes us different? We believe travel is more than just a selfie at the Eiffel Tower and a round-trip ticket back home. Real travel is meaningful, empowering and stays with you for a lifetime. Think of it as “travel with a purpose.” We believe that, more than anything else, travel has the remarkable power to transform individuals, open minds and create lasting connections.

We’re here to help young travelers experience travel as more than simple recreation, to immerse themselves in another culture and embrace the lasting change that comes from expanding their horizons through travel. However, when it comes to exploring the world, diversity is severely underrepresented amongst today’s travelers.

We’re here to change that. At OYT, we work with other businesses, organizations and nonprofits to provide enriching experiences for young millennials through diversity, cultural engagement, and global education. What do we mean by global education? Most of us spend a huge chunk of our lives in a classroom or work environment, when the real learning begins only when we step away from our desks and out into the world beyond.

Changing perspectives, new opportunities, shifting paradigms, it all begins to happen the moment you step out into the world that awaits.

It’s time to open the door for a whole new world of adventurers.



To encourage cultural exposure and create conscious global experiences