las vegas - luxor hotel and casino


zion national park - cabin lodge



Below are our day-to-day activities. More detail will update over time.


day 1 (Wednesday Evening)

Arrive to Las Vegas after 2pm. OYT members will be there to pick you up! A shuttle schedule will be setup based on everyones arrival time.  

7:00pm - Welcome Dinner


Day 2

8:00am - Breakfast

9:00am - Leave Las Vegas

10:30am-12:30pm - Explore Valley of Fire State Park

1:00pm - Lunch

4:00pm - Check-in at lodge in Zion National Park. Explore the park for the rest of the evening. 


Day 3

8:00am - Volunteer in Zion National Park and explore. Be sure to bring a book-bag to carry a sack lunch we will order in advanced as well as 2 liters of water.


Day 4

11:00am - Arrive at Antelope Canyon.

12:00pm - Guided Guided Sightseer's Tour with Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours to explore Antelope Canyon.

1:15pm - Lunch

2:00pm - Then off to Horseshoe Bend!


Day 5 (Sunday Morning)

7:00am - Head to Las Vegas Airport